The Coaching and Training Services provided by B2Coaching are rooted in Core Energy Relationship Coaching Principles. Leadership and Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Life and Transition Coaching are the categories in which  B2Coaching will thoughtfully serve you, our cherished client.

People like you, who seek deeper more intimate relationships, more meaningful and effective ways to relate and perform in your life’s passionate pursuits and goals are best served by B2Coaching’s Core Energy Relationship Coaching… people like you, who seek relationship improvements and excellence both personally and professionally are at the center of all that we do!.

“That’s a big claim and I make it knowing that relationships is where my passion is. It’s where my focus resides, where I do the most research, reflection and thinking and most of all, it’s where we all live our most fulfilled lives.”

~Bill Berthel, Certified Professional Coach and Founder of B2Coaching

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