What's your impact?

Impact is not always obvious

b2 is all about redefining effectiveness in the workplace
Go to Pivotal Conversations

Pivotal Conversations

Create a communication environment that supports recognition, challenge and opportunity framed in a way that is more approachable and anabolic.

Go to Energy Leadership

Energy Leadership

Providing assessments to help you find your core strengths and to move forward working better.

Go to Real Change

Real Change

Working at the individual level to navigating transitions, align expectations and create clarity to move forward organizationally.

Go to Strengths Based Development

Strengths Based Development

Focusing on natural talents to develop potential and make organizational impact.

b2 enjoys people. There is impact with everyone, there is an impact in every conversation. And we know how to find it.


What we do well

We enjoy working with people who seek higher levels of awareness and consciousness. Our clients are working toward improving their lives, careers, relationships with others, feeling their best about their careers and more deeply pursuing their life’s passions and aspirations. Establishing new relationships in any aspect of life is an area of coaching which we cherish and specialize.

  • Organizational Development, Thinking Partner and Human Resource Consulting

  • Education and development in core energy leadership, impactful communication and real change

  • Coaching and mentoring, both individuals and groups

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