February 7, 2016

b2 Coaching

b2 coaching is a business based on finding excellence in the workplace and individuals and utilizing those strengths to provide sustainable growth in organizations, businesses and home life.  We use a range of modalities to work with our clients including group training, assessments, strategy sessions and one on one coaching.

Our mission is described as IMPACT… making an IMPACT with people and organizations resulting in change that is better than where we started.  As a result of our working relationships, our clients grow and so do we.

These differentiating qualities make b2 Coaching unique in our approach among business and leadership coaches:

1. We are a thought partner who can provide relevant new ideas, guidance and permission to experiment and create.

2. We have an innate ability to naturally and universally relate to people and organizations, regarded by many as the most important value b2 provides. We do so in an authentic way that quickly builds psychological safety, trust and confidence.

3. We will guide you and your organization to create a strategic, desired and lasting impact. Making an impact alone is not enough. The direction, quality and sustainability of the impact is the return on your investment.

Please contact us for further questions or a free consultation on whether b2 coaching and using assessments is right for you.