March 6, 2016


Bill Berthel
Certified Professional Coach, Founder of B2Coaching

As a Core Energy Coach I enjoy working with people who seek higher levels of awareness and consciousness. My clients are working toward improving their lives, careers, relationships with others, feeling their best about their careers and more deeply pursuing their life’s passions and aspirations. Establishing new relationships in any aspect of life is an area of coaching in which I cherish and specialize. I think and feel that there are no more important “things” in our lives than the relationships we have.

I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a colleague, a volunteer and a friend. These are the “human” identifiers that hold the most meaning to me personally.

My personal view on coaching is that I am a guide and witness; an observer. I am not here to project my bias or judgment whatsoever, but rather assist my clients toward their highest potential and consciousness through a variety of processes. Clearing my clients’ barriers to their own energies and sensibilities helps me lead them to their own clarity. Clients’ achievements are earned through clear goal setting, creating accountability and recognizing their best options. Considering myself a “relationship coach” has me working at my highest potential by coaching others in how they treat themselves, “show up” and relate to anyone and anything in their lives.

I have worked in various leadership positions in the for-profit manufacturing world for many years, most recently and before focusing on B2Coaching, as the Human Resource Director for a manufacturing firm. This type of work has given me great and varied coaching, training and leadership opportunities and experiences over the years. My B.S. degree in Psychology and my current certification work with The International Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) organization has provided me the tools and credentials as a professional coach.

As a Core Energy Coach, I focus on you and your energy. The way you present yourself, the language you use and the type of energy you share with me will help guide me in the coaching process. I am a gifted listener, both actively and intuitively and most of my clients and colleagues would tell you that my capacity for and empathetic behavior is “off the charts”. I am also gifted and well-seasoned in sharing difficult messages in ways that are palpable and easier to listen to, understand and accept.