February 7, 2016

Free Initial Consultation

Choosing a professional coach is an important process, one that should cost you nothing other than your time.

Initial Consultations are the first step in the potential relationship with a coach at b2Coaching.

Within the free initial consultation, I will listen to you, I will ask a few preliminary questions and I will answer all of your questions resulting in a mutual sense of how we might move forward.

If b2Coaching isn’t right for you we will do our very best to make a referral or recommendation considering our networks and coaching community. Our mission is to serve you and your highest potential and if that means suggesting a coach or alternative resource that better suits your needs than b2Coaching can provide, well that’s just what we’ll do!

Pleas use our Contact Us page to reach out to let us know that you are interested in a free consultation.

Or if you are like me and dislike filling out forms click the link to email me:

Contact us for your free consultation or with further questions.