September 21, 2018

IMPACTful Leadership

Making an impact with others starts with being influential and the most influential leaders are those that actively grow and develop throughout their lifespan. These leaders are life-long learners who firmly believe that continual improvement towards excellence starts with self.

Truly a transformational experience, organizational and personal performance is the focus of IMPACT Leadership training and coaching. The two cannot be separate. To be effective in our organizations we must be effective personally and vice-versa

Leaders at Every Level in Every Organization.

IMPACT Leadership is designed to be customized for every level of leadership in every organization.  The program provides comprehensive leadership development and can be designed for emerging, new and experienced leaders alike.  The dynamics of leadership is covered in a variety of purposeful modules, all sharing the highly successful adult development model of “Teach, Show and Do.”

Setting the stage for success is where we start. Strategically customizing content and materials from a trusted and proven platform for your leaders and organization.


Purpose & Meaning:

  • Values (Individual & Organizational)
  • Ikigai
  • Mission & Vision as a Leader

Real Change:

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment
  • Psychological Barriers, The 4 Limits
  • Tiny Habits
  • IMPACT Goals

IMPACTful Communication:

  • Pivotal Conversations
  • Appreciative Inquiry & Deep Dialogue
  • LAER Listening
  • The Power of Language

Strength Based Performance & Development:

  • Strength Finder Assessment
  • Applying Strengths as a Leader
  • Facilitating Team Strengths (Domains & Teams)

Cultural Intelligence:

  • Organizational Cultural Archetypes
  • Organizational Awareness & Navigation
  • Thriving Organizational Culture

Energy Leadership: