March 7, 2016

Real Change

Hellen Keller said it best “You’re either growing or you’re dying”.

Transitions no matter how large or small require effort, energy, practice and encouragement.

To make the greatest IMPACT we must change ourselves to become more influential and effective with others. We must become more aware and more resilient.

Focused on transformational change that sustains and takes you to new levels of performance, New behavioral competencies are gained by delving into values, purpose and meaning as well as the psychological barriers we all share and how to overcome them.

Real Change includes:

  • Transformational self awareness
  • Values assessment
  • Purpose and meaning clarity
  • Journaling practices with prompts
  • IMPACT Goal setting and practices
  • Understanding and breaking through of psychological barriers


  • Applied as elements within a 6 month (or more) coaching engagement
  • 1:1 attention and focus with your coach

Teams and Groups:

  • Organizational change occurs at the individual and team level
  • Applied as 3 half day workshops spaced 3-5 weeks apart
  • Follow-up webinar 60-90 days after the last workshop
  • Coaching engagement by assignment compliments this offering