September 28, 2018


Realistic Leadership is a rare gem these days. In my 2017 TEDx Talk I share that being over-optimistic is NOT a credible leadership trait despite having been an over-optimistic leader myself. Followers and co-leaders want authentic, believable and ultimately, realistic leaders. In a world of memes that tell you to avoid negativity, we lose sight of many important signals of opportunity and areas in need of improvement when we throw-away the nay-sayers. I call leaders to action to uncover the blindspot in their awareness and I provide several tools to assist leaders to be able to lean into the “real”.

An aside:

I call this my 2017 TEDx because I aspire to do another in the near future.

In 2017, I was moved to apply to TEDx at the prompt of a client and my wife. My client shared the idea that many of the concepts I was coaching her for are relevant to the entire leadership community.

My wife, is brilliant. Yes, I am biased, but my assessment is grounded. My wife, upon meeting me many years ago, suggested I would be a great coach, before I knew what that meant. More recently she told me that I would have a TED talk because the opportunity for me to share something important on a platform larger than I currently have access to would show up.

She was right…at least about the opportunity for the TEDx… my clients get to say if I’m a good coach or not!